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The Most Basic Lawn Maintenance Services

There are lawn maintenance services which should only be done by professionals. However, there are also the basic ones which you can do yourself to keep your garden healthy and beautiful.

Healthy lawns can be easily spotted. In addition, keeping yards healthy is pretty basic as well. All you need are sun, fertilizer and water. If you shower your soil and plants with a healthy dose of these three basics, then you shouldn’t worry about anything. Here are some lawn maintenance services to keep your garden growing:

  • Keeping the Soil Healthy

If you are just starting to build your lawn, you have to take into account the condition of the soil. Just because you have an empty lot, doesn’t mean plants and grass would grow there. Pull the weeds out before installing a bed of grass. Take note, pull out. Do not cut. Weeds will grow back if their roots are not pulled out from the ground. After this, check if the soil is healthy. You can buy a DIY pH test kit to check if the soil is usable.

If you already have a lawn and you want to keep it healthy, fertilize it often. Use compost instead of synthetic ones. Compost provides the soil with nutrients faster. Aerate it during the fall, too. Air pockets help the roots absorb nutrients and water more.

  • Seeds or Carpet

If you are just starting to build your lawn, you might want to use a carpet of sod instead of seeds. Most homeowners use this because rolling the carpet out is so much easier and your yard gets an instant facelift. The downside, carpets can be more expensive, so if you are on a budget, buy seeds, instead. This is even more ideal if you have a large lawn.

If you are trying to maintain your lawn, you should seed bald parts of the yard when needed. Also, do this before the winter comes. This way, when spring dawns, your grass turf can easily get back to shape and grass will grow faster.

  • Mowing When Needed

Keeping your lawn healthy means you need to mow or cut the grass. During the summer, mowing and cutting should be done often. However, during the fall, keep the cutting and mowing to a minimum. The grass usually grows slower during this season so there is no need to clip them as often as you do during the hot days. You should also remember to not cut the grass too short. Expert gardeners have proven that mowing the grass too short could stress it. In addition relatively taller grass develops better roots and helps keep soil moisture.

  • Water Enough

You don’t have to water your lawn every day. You just have to water it once a week but make sure to water deep. This means the water should be absorbed up to 8 inches down from the topsoil. Also, take into account the type of soil you have when watering. If it’s sandy, you can water more frequently. If your soil is clay-like, water them when the topsoil has dried.

Basic lawn maintenance tips are often overlooked by homeowners. However, these are the ones you should always remember because they keep your yard the healthiest.…